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Every company has different priorities, so why use a provider who treats all businesses the same? Whether you're searching for Dedicated Internet or Ethernet connections, MHO tailors your connection to match your specific business needs.

MHO's fast, FCC licensed, dedicated point-to-point fixed wireless technology keeps your network up and running 99.99% guaranteed. Learn More

What's included:

Fast installation

Fast Installation

Our installation team will have your services up and running quickly after roof access is secured.

Customer service

Customer Service

If you experience service issues, use a dedicated number to reach a knowledgeable live associate.

Guaranteed reliability

Guaranteed Reliability

MHO's services include an exceptional Service Level Agreement (SLA) of Enterprise-Class reliability.

Scalable bandwidth

Scalable Bandwidth

Most requests are handled the same day or within minutes.

No data caps

No Data Caps

Utilize network speeds without the concern of reaching a cap on your connection

MPLS core network

MPLS Core Network

Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) core network designed for fast reroute and core redundancy.

Low latency

Low Latency

Your VoIP (either SIP or Hosted PBX) and other latency-sensitive applications will run successfully.

FCC licensed


Each dedicated internet & ethernet link has an FCC license to ensure your connection maintains reliability and security.

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No matter if you are a small team up to 10 employees or a major enterprise. We are here for any questions you may have.