Cost of Downtime

Is your company prepared for the cost of downtime?

It's one of those things where you don't think it'll happen to your business but should definitely be a priority to consider when choosing the best internet provider for your company.

According to Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC), found that an hour of downtime costs 98% of businesses at least $100,000.

And for major companies like Amazon, the company experienced an outage that was less than an hour and cost around $4.8 million, or $120,000 per minute, Geekwire reported.

Other factors to consider regarding the impact of internet downtime:

  • How long can your company tolerate internet outage?
  • Affected systems and applications
  • A location's criticality
  • Which employees and job functions are impacted?
  • Is this a cost that your company can afford?
Utilize our calculator to:

Estimate the cost of downtime to your business.


Annual Revenue

Input your company's estimated annual revenue.

% sales Lost caused by Downtime

Enter an estimated percentage amount of sales that will be impacted by an IT outage.

75 %


Number Of Employees

Input the number of employees that will be affected by a potential outage.

Average Annual cost per employee

Enter the average estimate cost of an employee (salary and benefits).

% Employees Effected by downtime.

Input the percentage of employees that will be affected by a potential outage.

75 %