About MHO

“MHO were knowledgable, efficient and good on follow up. They do what they say they're going to do. I would happily recommend them.”

  • Eric Fraser
  • Chief Operating Officer at Wurk

“MHO Networks has exceeded my expectations. They have an outstanding way of doingbusiness that is informal on the front end and really makes for a great business relationship. Theservice they have delivered to Regis University has been absolutely reliable and without any issues.”

  • Chuck Steigerwalt
  • Regis University

“I love MHO Networks and here are a few of the reasons: Easy to workwith, including sales, engineering and support groups, Got the bill correct on the first cycle, Tookcare of all technical details, No outages, the radio is great, Very few cycles of IT time required tomanage contract and service.”

  • Dan Park
  • Advanced Systems Group

“MHO has been exceptional to deal with, both on the customer service side as wellas the support side. When we were looking for a solution to tie several properties and vendorstogether, MHO worked with us to provide the perfect solution. The low latency on their network, supports our VoIP customer's extremely well. I would recommend MHO and will continue to use them as wegrow our business.”

  • Jon Bartlett
  • Cardinal Broadband

“We've had wind, rain and snow storms and we get consistent network throughout with MHO”

  • Scott Annis
  • Elevations Credit Union

“MHO, has and continues to exceed our expectations. It is refreshing to have a provider that can implement service and connectivity faster than we implement new sites/ business.”

  • David Franck
  • HCA

“We have had MHO as our primary Internet service provider now for almost a year andwe have been extremely pleased with it. There have been no downtimes, the speed has always beenconstant, and everything has been working just great.”

  • Joseph Den
  • American Animal Hospital Association