Last Mile

Extending your existing network with a partner you can count on

Partner with MHO to expand your current footprint. MHO's Wholesale Partner program provides expertise on how to optimize your network to service more clients and businesses with MHO's 'Last Mile Ethernet' and 'Last Mile Internet' services. Working with MHO is easy and your team receives unparalleled support from: pre-sales and technical training, marketing materials, and post-sales support. MHO's data services are so simple and stable that your organization can be sales-ready in a short few hours. There are no steep learning curves, no waiting for days to find out if your client is eligible for these added value services, no surprises on installation charges, and no delays on getting your client's businesses up and running.

MHO is currently present in Colorado (Denver Metro-Area), Southern California-North Los Angeles County to the Southern Border of San Diego County including the Inland Empire areas, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

How MHO can support you and your clients:


Interested in having MHO be a part of your network? Get in touch with our Wholesale team today!