Together, We Can Help Build Better Connections

Sync up with a network where partners and clients come first.

When your clients are in a pinch, finding alternative options for connectivity can be challenging. Work with a team where we help problem solve and find lasting viable solutions.

We've worked with many partners like you to get your clients up and running with a reliable connection. Our goal at MHO, is to help make your life easier by offering partners and clients a simple, reliable, and secure data solution. This is deployed through our meshed wireless Ethernet network with a Multi-protocol Label Switching (core), built on a backbone of carrier-class, point-to-point microwave technology. We prevent downtime on our circuits and position ourselves to support you when another provider goes down. With quick deployment in hard-to-reach locations, we are one stop solution for serviceability.

Choose between setting up a brand-new connection or using our services as a Last Mile solution. Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Fast 10 Business Day Install-Guaranteed
  • Our uptime is 99.99%. MHO doesn't have extended outages, saving partners time and effort from reestablishing connectivity
  • Gain access to our engineering team to support clients with networking solutions
  • Support from a team that will give you credibility with customers