Partners Overview

MHO partners leverage our Data Solutions to increase their market share, shorten their sales cycle, exceed customer expectations and, most importantly, offer proven solutions that enable their customers' businesses to thrive.

If you:

  • Have challenges delivering a fiber solution to your customer,
  • Want to offer truly diverse data access solutions to your new and current customers,
  • Are looking for a faster, easier, and superior solution to fiber for enterprise-level data services, or
  • Need a reliable data solution with low latency and low packet loss to make sure your services perform to their best potential then MHO is the company to partner with for your continued success.

MHO partners offer their clients simple, reliable and secure data solutions ranging from 10Mbps — 4Gbps through our fully-meshed wireless Ethernet network with Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) core, built on a backbone of carrier-class, point-to-point microwave technology.

As an MHO Partner, you receive unparalleled support: from pre-sales and technical training, to marketing materials and post-sales support. Even more importantly, MHO data services are so simple and stable that your organization can be sales-ready in just a few hours. No complex product line to learn, no waiting days to find out if your client is truly eligible for our services, no surprises on installation charges, and no delays on getting your customer up and running.

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Guaranteed Reliability

MHO's service has a standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) of Business-Class reliability.

Low Latency

Your VoIP (either SIP or Hosted PBX) and other latency-sensitive applications will run successfully.

Customer Service

If you experience service issues, we'll have your network back up-and-running within two hours.

Fast Installation

Our installation team will have your services up and running quickly after roof rights are secured.

Scalable Bandwidth

From 20Mbps to 1Gbps. Most requests are handled the same day or within minutes.

MPLS Core Network

Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) core network designed for fast reroute and core redundancy.


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