Case Studies


‐ Case Study: Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District

Hyland Hills


The summer months are the peak of outdoor activities in Colorado and catering to outdoor activities means Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District must take measures to ensure operations run smoothly at their facilities. A big part of their operations is providing enough High Speed Internet access for employees which ensures they can take care of their customers. However, their current Internet connections at the time would not meet their increasing usage demands. As the summer months quickly approached, the organization faced a significant challenge of finding and installing high-speed Internet solutions within a short period of time to multiple locations and interconnecting those businesses into a single network. That’s when they turned to Platte River Networks, Inc. for help.

Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District and Platte River Networks, Inc. went through the time consuming process of researching and vetting various carriers to ensure they found the best possible solution to upgrade their network. Numerous vendors proposed using their existing T1 facilities. Bringing in and bonding T1’s (NxT1) for this growing organization was not an option. The next step was vetting fiber options; but unfortunately the cost of the fiber build was cost prohibitive and the time it would take to install the service would not meet their deadline. At this point, with Hyland Hills Parks & Recreation District needing a solution that would provide high speed bandwidth that could be delivered within a minimal time frame, all eyes turned to MHO to save the day!

Knowing the installations would take no more than 10 business days and the ability for getting high speed Internet to areas fiber can’t was a big reason for introducing MHO. MHO ended up providing 20 Mbps Dedicated Internet Access at two locations and Layer 2 Metro Ethernet connections between five Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District locations. Yes, all sites were up and running within ten business days.

“We live in an age where our customers rely on connectivity even when they are relaxing or engaging in recreational activities,” said Bob Owens, IT Manager at Hyland Hills. “MHO helped us fulfil that need and accomplished it in a timely manner.”

Now Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District can operate their facilities with confidence and focus on what is really important, their communities and their customers.