Case Studies


‐ Case Study: Hospitality Provider

Challenge: Installing a High Speed Internet Connection Within a Few Days


A Denver-based hospitality management company required a higher internet bandwidth in order to support a conference featured at one of its hotels. With the featured conference only two business days away, they determined their existing T1 did not provide enough bandwidth. They needed at least a 20 Mbps Dedicated Internet connection.

With such short notice, their existing Internet provider could not accommodate their request. Installing a 20 Mbps Dedicated Internet connection within two business days is next to impossible for any other terrestrial provider. This is when they turned to MHO for help.

One of MHO's key advantages is being able to install high speed bandwidth within only a few days, while other providers need weeks, even months to complete this task. After discussing their needs, MHO immediately went to work. In this case, MHO was able to complete the installation of 20 Mbps by the next business day. This quick installation allowed enough time for the hotel's IT team to test the circuit and successfully add it to their network.

As a result, the show went very well at the conference and all parties were pleased. Today, the 20 Mbps Internet connection supports other conferences hosted by the hotel, and is available for guest use as well. Since then, MHO has worked with two other hotels within this company.

I am very happy with MHO's responsiveness and how easily they handle our requests.
*- Vice President IT Department *