Case Studies


‐ Meridian Network Services

MHO’s Channel Manager has helped Meridian make more sales by stepping in to help with accounts.



Meridian Network Services, a provider of telecom, data, and cloud computing services and consultation, needed to bring internet connectivity to a client. After forming a partnership with MHO Networks for its customers’ bandwidth needs, MHO’s Director of Sales, Nick Collins, began working more closely with Meridian to help close more deals.


  • to broker more sales for Meridian
  • to get MHO’s services into more client accounts


After connecting one client with MHO’s internet service, Nick formed a partnership with Meridian for its continued sales success, saving the company time and resources. He:

Takes feedback from potential customers about pricing and works to get things priced competitively for the marketplace.

MHO’s service is terrific. They get it in fast, and the service’s no latency is as good if not better than fiber. I know that I can throw MHO into a client account and they will get it done. Their ease of install is excellent.

– Stacey Dupree, founder, and president, Meridian Network Services

Takes initiative to communicate with Meridian’s clients to represent both MHO and Meridian to close more sales.

The main thing is the help with sales. Collins will really get in to the account, and I trust him because of his professionalism.

– Dupree

Since August 2016, MHO has sold about $10,000 of business with Meridian.

He’s just a closer. I have a lot going on, and Nick will help me by jumping into an account and trying to close it.

– Dupree

Collins work for Meridian is an example of the work of all of MHO’s channel managers. Contact MHO today to learn more about MHO’s partner program.

To sum up what I love about MHO; the quickness in overcoming last mile challenges and getting a new connection from them in less than a week was surprising. But, their support team that monitors their network so closely that they even let me know when one of my sites has lost power is truly amazing. I’ve never been contacted by a carrier before letting me know that the power was just cut off at one of my sites; ever. MHO is a very different sort of company in some truly amazing ways.

*- Robert Russell, IT Manager at Pendragon *