Case Studies


‐ Incipio Group Technology

Incipio was moving warehouse locations and couldn’t get the support they needed...


Then the company found MHO.

Here’s a problematic situation Incipio found themselves in. They were consolidating two warehouses in Nashville, Tennessee, and Irvine, California, into a single location in Corona, California. They were anxious to get things up and running in the new single location in Corona and close out the other two locations. Doing this was dependent on having their technology up and going within a 60 day time window.

A highly recognized and often used fiber company was the main provider for the Corona area, so Incipio signed a contract for service with them at the same time they signed the contract for the warehouse lease. The ISP told Incipio there would be a 60-day period from signed contract to activation, and that worked for their timeline, allowing them to move inventory, systems, and personnel.

But that’s when the problems started. As time drew closer to fully activate the new warehouse, Incipio heard nothing from the service provider. They missed contract deadlines and were unresponsive to Incipio’s queries. It was crunchtime and they knew they had to go another route.


  • Results. It needed fast and efficient industry experts to get the job done in a short time.
  • Customer Service. It needed effective and open communication to support their needs.
  • Connectivity. It needed a reliable vendor that could provide connectivity.


The solution came with MHO. Incipio learned that MHO had a 10-business day install guarantee, so they went to MHO, explained the situation, and MHO was fully on board. Incipio signed a contract and MHO had them completely activated and operational in 9 days.

A few months later, Incipio still hasn’t heard from the original providers. If they had been forced to wait on them, the extra costs from delays and trying to run three warehouses could have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Four months into their relationship with MHO, Incipio has noticed no downtime, enjoys 100 Mbps speed, and their initial concerns with the reliability of fixed wireless internet have been put to rest. Beginning in a gloomy, rainy May, the fixed wireless internet performed flawlessly.

Currently, MHO dedicated internet services at the Incipio Corona location serves about 20 internet users in supply chain operations. In the future, as office space is completed and more departments are added, internet users will number about 100.

Would You Recommend MHO?

I would recommend MHO. Our experience with them has been good; they met their guaranteed turnaround time. There have been no issues with service or speed, and their engineers that were on site were friendly and professional. Everything about MHO gave signs of a solid business.

– Adam Robertson, VP Technology and Security