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‐ Fletcher Jones Management Group connects Multiple Sites With MHO

Fletcher Jones Management Group Connects Multiple Sites With MHO



Fletcher Jones Management Group, the largest privately-owned Mercedes-Benz retailer in the United States, was looking for a new way to connect its networks. Already working with several vendors, its phone circuit vendor suggested MHO as a way to provide better connections and offer necessary redundancy in case of failure.


Fletcher Jones wanted to provide several key points for its operations.

Connectivity. It needed internet in regions that didn’t have many options. Some locations had fiber and copper, but often only one provider, so redundancy was out.

Reliability. It needed a reliable vendor that could provide connectivity. MHO came recommended by multiple vendors.

As soon as I saw their testimonials, I was sold. When we see other dealerships are using them, we know that’s good.

– Paul Fedel, Director of Information Technology

SCALABILITY. It needed a vendor that could cover multiple sites at once. As a car retailer, Fletcher Jones’ operations are geographically dispersed. That called for a service that could handle multiple system operations all connecting back to a data center.

INTEROPERABILITY. Its Temecula location called for — fixed wireless, while most others used it as a failover system. With locations all over Southern California from Audi Beverly Hills to its data center in Alchemy — it required a system to overarch the lot.


With MHO in place, Fletcher Jones felt it had the support to be more competitive.

Better Service. As a luxury car dealer, the customer experience is paramount to return business and even initial business.

MHO Networks provided the necessary core infrastructure to keep service at its peak, so Fletcher Jones can stay a cut above.

No Downtime. Fletcher Jones knows it loses revenue with every minute down. With MHO, the company keeps losses out of the picture.

We can’t afford to be down. We did not have a good alternative in our biggest markets. We will save money, and MHO will keep us efficient. It’s a necessity really — to be more competitive.

– Fedel