Case Studies


‐ Electronic Commerce Finds Reliability with MHO Networks

Electronic Commerce couldn't get fiber to its new location in time. Then it found MHO Networks.



Electronic Commerce, a provider of secure mobile payment processing solutions, needed an internet connection, and it needed one fast. The company connected with MHO after a troubling relationship with their cable company.

When moving to their new location, Electronic Commerce asked their current internet provider if they could deliver service to their new location and on time to support their move. They were told yes as they were providing connections to several other companies in the building. However, two weeks later it determined that they could no longer deliver any service, possibly leaving Electronic Commerce without a connection.

Resulting in Electronic Commerve scrambling to find:

  • An internet provider to quickly deliver service to their new building
  • A connection that ran as good as their existing Enterprise connection to help run business as usual.


Aside from the obvious need for internet, Electronic Commerce was seeking a partner that they could trust. Some of the key variables in finding the right company were:

  • A reliable internet connection through a trustworthy provider
  • Being able to benefit from a high speed access to ensure there's no interruption in daily operations
  • Guaranteeing installation time frame
  • All while remaining within a budget


MHO was able to step in, install and deliver service in a matter of a few days. Electronic Commerce decided to sign a contract for 30Mbps and was able to save 30% on their monthly internet expenses utilizing the fixed wireless service. Since the company has moved in, they have tripled their workforce and the circuit that was originally purchased still works well for the additional traffic.

How is this possible? MHO was able to sit down with the client to fully understand their current and future network needs and proposed a solid solution that Electronic Commerce could grow with based upon their utilization and user base. Though the customer expressed doubt on how the fixed wireless provider would manage their traffic compared to fiber, they were assured that they would have a great experience because MHO stands behind its network.

Ultimately, MHO delivered as promised. Electronic Commerce is now benefitting from a fixed wireless connection found nowhere else in the industry. The client loved MHO's network performance, delivering service that works just as well as the fiber provider they had used previously for years.