Case Study: Southern California-Based Automotive Dealership

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Robert Russell, IT Manager at Pendragon, PLC (PNAA - Hornburg Jaguar) had a problem. The eight (8) car dealerships that he manages in Southern California needed secure internet connections, guest internet, email services, voice, and file sharing all while smoothly providing access to key corporate financial and service related applications.

At many of the sites, Robert had few carrier/product choices and was stuck with outdated copper based bonded T-1 solutions. MHO’s Ethernet Service looked like it could provide a solution that would guarantee uptime, provide for QoS routing, and also allow him to customize his MPLS network quickly and easily.

To test MHO’s Service out, Robert selected his largest and most critical site in Mission Viejo, CA for MHO Networks to provide service. They were stuck with a bonded T-1 solution that was not getting the job done. From signature to install, MHO took just three days to install a 20 Mbps Ethernet solution.

Robert was pleasantly surprised with the considerable improvement in transit times and overall operation of this new MHO network connection as well as the over communicative approach of MHO Networks’ Operations Team during his installation as well as afterward with his continued operations. In a few short months, Robert moved his entire network to MHO, leveraging the fully meshed architecture of MHO’s Metro Ethernet foot-print to support all of his Southern California sites; including his most troubling hard to reach sites.

For a complete video of Robert Russell, IT Manager at Pendragon, and his experience with MHO go to /videos

To sum up what I love about MHO; the quickness in overcoming last mile challenges and getting a new connection from them in less than a week was surprising. But, their support team that monitors their network so closely that they even let me know when one of my sites has lost power is truly amazing. I’ve never been contacted by a carrier before letting me know that the power was just cut off at one of my sites; ever. MHO is a very different sort of company in some truly amazing ways.

Robert Russell, IT Manager at Pendragon

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