The car dealer needed a speedy, reliable internet solution as it moved locations, and did not know that options existed outside of fiber.

THE CASE: Mike Ward Infiniti, Colorado’s #1 Infiniti dealer, needed to move locations. And the company needed a powerful internet solution to match its growing space and speed requirements.

It didn’t have a lot of information about the various internet service providers when it was making its move, but it knew it was looking at two factors:

  • COST: finding a price that was worth the service.
  • MOBILITY: ability to upgrade bandwidth quickly without the need for new hardware.

The company’s management had not heard of fixed wireless before, nor knew fixed wireless was an option for businesses because it had come from a fiber-based supplier.

When we converted to MHO, the largest factor was cost, and we liked the prospect of having wireless and of increasing our data very swiftly.
– Peter Kim, General Manager, Mike Ward Infiniti


Mike Ward Infiniti needed not just high-speed internet installed quickly, but:

  • reliable up time
  • a good value for the dealership
  • flexibility
  • a partner to help them make the move

On a personal level, I like that I can call MHO and reach somebody who handles any issue.
– Kim

MHO installed a solution for Mike Ward Infiniti within 6 days of signing the service agreement.


During the first 36 months, the company needed bandwidth upgrades 3 times to support their growing network needs, and MHO upgrades were completed in 1-2 days.

During their first 3 years of using MHO, Mike Ward Infiniti has only experienced 2 service issues with each one handled and resolved within 1 hour.

The company enjoys the cost benefits and the reliability of fixed wireless -- something it didn’t know was an option while using a ber provider. And it has a partner to deliver unwavering support and expertise in connectivity.

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