Telecommunications Provider Expanding Internet Product Lines

ENGLEWOOD, CO-AUGUST 21, 2017: MHO, the Internet provider with the nation's largest metro networks of FCC-licensed Point-to-Point microwave, has expanded it's product offerings with three new Internet solutions: MHO Enterprise, MHO Select, and MHO Essential. Using the most advanced fixed wireless technology, the new services offer different options for clients to best suit their business needs.

"It’s extremely exciting to announce MHO’s new product set!  We have always invested in the latest fixed wireless technology to ensure MHO delivered a very reliable Internet service to our customers and we’ll continue that philosophy with the new products," says Michael Kriech, VP of Business Development.

MHO Enterprise is delivered using dedicated, FCC licensed, Point-to-Point microwave technology. This solution is geared towards medium to enterprise-sized clients who are looking for a fast install that has ultra-low latency and guaranteed reliability. MHO Enterprise allows businesses access to a vast array of cloud technologies including: Unified Communications, Virtual Desktop, et al. MHO Enterprise may be used as a primary or redundant connection for companies who are looking for alternative solutions.

The organization wanted to extend its Point-to-Point microwave technology to commercial multi-unit buildings, rolling out MHO Select. This service utilizes the same cutting-edge technology as MHO Enterprise and is offered in qualified buildings.

As the company continues to grow and expand its footprint, MHO found that there was a high demand for small businesses looking for an alternative technology to gain Internet access. MHO Essential utilizes the latest FCC-licensed, point-to-multipoint technology. This solution is ideal for companies that use the Internet for fundamental business needs and web-enabled applications.

Kriech continued, "With the launch of these new Internet products, MHO is now able to help a larger segment of customers that face the usual problems when buying and installing fiber or copper based Internet services."

About MHO Networks

As the Internet provider with the nation’s largest network of FCC licensed Point-to-Point microwave, MHO installs high quality Internet and data solutions within days, offering low latency and superior reliability. MHO’s focus on the latest technology, a highly skilled engineering team and ultra-responsive 24/7 support all combine to create an elevated customer experience. Currently, MHO serves the Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco and Southern California regions with future plans for further expansion.

Guaranteed Reliability

MHO's service has a standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) of Business-Class reliability.

Low Latency

Your VoIP (either SIP or Hosted PBX) and other latency-sensitive applications will run successfully.

Customer Service

If you experience service issues, we'll have your network back up-and-running within two hours.

Fast Installation

Our installation team will have your services up and running quickly after roof rights are secured.

Scalable Bandwidth

From 20Mbps to 1Gbps. Most requests are handled the same day or within minutes.

MPLS Core Network

Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) core network designed for fast reroute and core redundancy.


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